Assessing Proposals and Before Selecting a Marketing Agency

If you have the intention of engaging a marketing agency in Singapore, the first step will be contacting them and requesting proposals. As mentioned in a previous article, do not just contact 1 or 2 agencies, contact at least 10 of them. Once you have sent out your brief, whoever is interested in your business portfolio will get back in touch with you to give their proposal. Even though any digital marketing agency in Singapore may not give the price details at first, they will give the services that are offered by them.

Once you get all the proposals from the interested agency in online marketing in Singapore, you can have a meeting with your partners or whoever is helping you in this business. This process will further narrow down the list of marketing agencies.

Then there should be a brainstorming session with every potential marketing agency in Singapore, on the list. This is to know their norms, conditions, and most importantly their professionalism or expertise in this field. By the end of this session, you will also know the budget you have to keep aside for marketing.

The last step comes in deciding the best agency in digital marketing in Singapore from your list. For this, you should arrange a meeting with your partners (if there are any) or employees who are hired for engineering a marketing strategy.

Once the digital marketing agency in Singapore that you are going to hire is finalized you can start the preparations from your side. The first in that is contacting the particular agency to come into a mutual contract. This time the agency will be sending business development team along with the legal team to draft a contract with you.

Before selecting an agency there will be something that attracted you and could not leave it unnoticed. The agency should be professional, experienced, and committed towards their work. As I mentioned earlier there will be some agencies that do not even care to respond to your queries. This can be due to several reasons but the agencies who do not show any interest in the work can be ignored and do not contact them again asking for their response.

After signing the contract

After both the parties signed the contract the agency starts the work. For this, their strategy development team will have to set up several meetings with you. This is same as in software development where the development company contacts the customer to know their requirement. Here, you will have to give all the details about the nature of your business, how you want to carry on with it, and what are your future plans. Based on this information the agency that you have hired for digital marketing in Singapore will draft a plan for you to review it.

Following all the above mentioned steps will ensure that you are getting the service of the best agency that does online marketing in Singapore or in your locality. This will also ensure a profitable teamwork between you and the marketing agency. All the best for your business!

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